After graduating with a degree in Business Administration in Venezuela, I began my professional experience over 10 years ago in the health and fitness industry. I currently hold a star 3 as a certified professional Spinning® instructor and am currently enrolled in the personal training certification program. 

Through my experience in Spinning®, I’ve had the opportunity to ride with great and well- recognized Master Instructors and all are great instructors and great professionals that taught me technicalities and “tips and tricks” I can provide to my students through the course of the training. 

Having participated in several WSSC (World Spinning® and Sports Conference) over the years, I’ve discovered a great environment and training that only Spinning® can bring to you.  Providing all of the essentials that your body needs to achieve full physical and mental balance in a short period of time. 

I create during each one of my classes a new experience to my students.  I want them to feel the power they have inside and discover their greatest potential.  With a mix of urban, latin and house music, I expose my students to the best experience ever on the Spinning® bike where we can create enough energy to literally power the entire county!  Focus, inspiration, commitment and sweat is what, as a team, we will develop. 

As always, a healthy diet is part of the total plan and I can always make suggestions about what to eat while you are training regardless if you are a professional athlete or a “newbie” – I’m always here to help my students achieve their goals!

Since 2015, I'm SCHWINN Cycling Instructor and I'm part of a new Indoor Cycling Program, Indoor Cycling Family!